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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something New Everyday


It's often the little things that get me excited these days. I know Zahraa isn't the first baby to do these things, but it's the first time my baby has done them, and it's so much fun to see her learning & making new connections with the people around her. As new Parents, we find every new development fascinating............

Zahraa is becoming more adapted to her surroundings. All of his waking hours are spent watching, listening, playing, dancing and singing & sucking fingers. She's now able to look towards an interesting sound and search for it with her eyes, coo or gargle in response to what she hears and track a moving object from side to side and up and down. We discovered that she's now can:

Dancing & Singing:- Surprise? Want to know how she's dancing? eheh..... I will sing to her and her legs will kicking and cycling (this is how we describe her dancing) and she will response and make 'coo' sound and laughing (this is how we describe her singing). Tp kalau bab nyanyi ni bagi kat mama die.....gerenti die suke punye. Tergediks gediks ler muker die...comei anak mama ni....geram! Lagu paling die suker is 'Timang tinggi tinggi' and zikir yg die paling suke is 'Ya Latif'.

Talking (Chit Chat):- She can talk? Tak percaya jek! She will make 'coo' sound (how we describe her talking) while papa die cakap ngan die and of course she will give big smile too! Favorite tu....kalau bab cakap ngan papa die, mesti moncong moncong mulut die nak cakap eheh....actually Zahraa ni friendly baby, die boleh response ngan sape sape pon like grandmas, grandpas, uncle & aunties die including BIBIK....she will make 'coo' sound version Indon....Dealova..eheh..kihkih

Playing & Learning:- Recently, her papa's officemates gave her playmate. She love that! While lying on his stomach she will look & stares the colors all over the playmate. Die akan perhatikan each colors dengan tekun sekali. I think she likes green and red rather than pink. Mama die jek suke match kan die ngan pink color. eheh...kate baby girl mestilah pink but jangan hati pink sudah..susah tu nak pujuk. Rattles pon die suke gak...if we shake the rattles she will track the sound and stare at it.

Sucking Fingers:- Her favorite activities...the most! We think this is how she soothe herself. Kalau lambat bagi susu ker, lambat angkat die ker sure nangis but pastu die diam...rupenye die hisap jari die but sometimes die hisap tangan jugak....cuba bayangkan muke die yg bersungguh tu nak masukkan seluruh jari termasuk tgn die....eheh...

Feeding & Sleeping:- Now ni we can adapt her feeding & sleeping routines. She will stay awake longer kalau kitorang layan die but if we leave her alone die akan terjerit jerit minta dilayan or kalau penat terus tidor. Zahraa tak byk kerenah kalau bab menyusu she can either bottlefeeding or breastfeeding. Kalau die bottlefeeding she will sleep up to 5 hours but if breastfeeding she will sleep up to 3 hours. Skrang ni pon die dah kerap menyusu. Kalau bottlefeeding tu lebih kurang 4-5 kali sehari and breastfeeding of course upon demand. She's smart kalau mama die balik keje sure punye die taknak bottlefeeding.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Proud to announce the arrival of Dhia Zahraa

Welcome Zahraa! Alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat. At last the 'gift' from heaven has lovely daughter, Dhia Zahraa. She was born 9 July 2006 @ 1:27 am. Unfortunately, Zahraa keluar ikut tingkap (caesarean method).
Actually we never expect this would happen. After 3 times induced + dripped 1 1/2 bottles of water, I wasn't feel any pain. However the doctor has advised me to deliver my baby through caesarean before anything bad happen. I only have 1/2 hour to decide. It was 12:30 in the morning, (I've no choice). Hissk! hisk! During the operation, I can hear the doctor said "Oh....kepala baby senget sikit and tali pusat die kat leher"...Finally Zahraa pun keluar after 27 minutes dalam operation theatre. I can't believe that i'm a mother now......Syukur even everything happened wasn't in plan but semuanye selamat.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Look Who Has Arrived.........Little One is Here!

Congratulations to Mai and Zaimi on the arrival of Syasya Arina. Syasya was born on 24 April day after my birthday (kalau tak every year kite celebrate same kan Syasya). She got black thick hair mcm papa die and chubby cheek mcm mama die...eheh jgn mara aaaa. At first, mmg Mai dah 'induce' on 23 April 2006 and kitorang jangka die akan bersalin malamnyer ler but.....takde rezeki nak celebrate yearly birthday sama ngan Syasya so dia pon kuar on the day after. Takpe....anyway we're in the same zodiac....Taurus Girl! Tapi kalau dgr experience my in labor room ni mmg meremang bulu roma....sakit giler katenyer. Tp dgn sokongan Zaimi akhirnyer berjaya jugak. 2 days after plak tu Mai kena attend exam plak tu....mmg kuat ler semangat die ni.....Syasya mesti kuat semangat cam Mama die nanti. Papa die plak the day on her arrival tu...missed one paper sebab nak sambut Syasya ler. Mcm2 pengalaman diorang ni. Next is my turn....camane ler yerk ..... currently I'm 33 weeks pregnancy.....dah start sakit2 ni tapi tak boleh ikut kan sgt nanti susah kite tunggu jek lah ye. I'm expecting a girl tp kuar baby boy pon ok...anything can be happy. Sorry for the delay announcement.....busy skang ni turn pon dah tak lama lagi.....eeeeeeeeee.........

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Time: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm
Date: 2 April 2006
Venue: Residence of Parents In Law
Taman Sepakat, Gombak
Guest Invited: Relatives, Nearest Friends & Neighbours
Program of the day:
11:00 am: Arrival of 'Kumpulan Jemaah Wanita'
11:30 am: Bacaan Yassin and Tahlil by 'Kumpulan Jemaah Wanita'
12:30 pm: Refreshment and Arrival of Relatives and Friends
01:30 pm: Arrival of 'Kumpulan Jemaah Lelaki'
02:00 pm: Bacaan Yassin and Doa Selamat by 'Kumpulan Jemaah Lelaki'
03:00 pm: Refreshment
04:00 pm: Engagement Ceremony for Sister In Law
05:00 pm: Ceremony End
"Doa Selamat" was held last Sunday at my in law's house. Alhamdulillah, semuanyer berjalan lancar. In law's family & My family were involved in preparation of this 'kenduri'. We started cooking everything on the Saturday evening. Father in law cooked curry 'ayam hutan', my mom cooked 'rendang daging' with pulut kuning and myself, cooked laksa penang and my sister, Watie made coctail & custard pudding. He...he local cuisine with multiple chef! It was fun but exhausted.
The guests invited is more than what we have expected. Ramai sgt...! We thought only 50 - 60 guests will be coming but I think it's about 100 guests were came to the event. Ramai kan? Apa lagi panic ler kitorang...nasib baik kitorang buat buffet kalau hidang memang naye. But the result was i've got 2 day MC because of this event. Penat maaa.....dah masak sakan, makan sakan & layan sakan.......last sekali MC sakan.
Unfortunately, only Min, Muzamil & Damia were attended to the event others were not available. Mai skang ni sarat mengandung, she's not able to come because his husband is working that day. Ayue now is in confinement period...of course ler tak leh datang. Filla had something else with her family and Shidot nun jauh di selatan pon mmg tak logik nak datang jauh tuh...Tapi takpe sebab ni kenduri jek tapi yg tak datang tuh rugi ler tak rase 'LAKSA MAK BUYONG' he he he .....bukan senang nak carik. In future, kalau kenduri cukur jambul nanti semua boleh ler squeeze time for the event....he he.
* Gambor upload kemudian yerk!

5th Checkup at Pusat Perubatan Naluri

Last night I went for checkup at Pusat Perubatan Naluri. My appointment was supposed last Saturday but because of the Kenduri, it has been postponed. I'm happy with the result! There's an improvement with my blood pressure and placenta has moved up. No more worry! I went there with Jim and Fuad (younger brother). Fuad eager to know how does the scan session looks like. Starting this month doctor said that I need to see me every 3 weeks....quite frequent but it's ok as long as me and baby is fine. But next week, Jim will be away for about 2 weeks, shooting at Sabah. I'll be alone hopefully he'll able to come back before the next checkup appointment.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Pregnancy Report: 27 Weeks, 13 Weeks to go

This Pregnant Body

As you mark the days of your third trimester off the calendar, your body will continue to change and grow. You will gain weight more rapidly than in your first or second trimester, and your breasts will increase in size and weight - up to four times larger and heavier. By the time you deliver, your total weight gain will probably be between 25 and 35 pounds if you are carrying a single baby, 40 and 50 pounds with twins, 50 and 60 pounds with triplets, and between 65 and 80 pounds with quadruplets. Your baby needs you to gain this weight so it has plenty of nutrition to develop and grow. If you skip a meal, so does your little one. Keep in mind that your weight gain is not just the baby; about 75 percent of your new weight is due to increased bodily fluids (such as blood), the placenta, and the increased size and weight of your breasts.Sex may be the at the bottom of your top 1000 things to do right now, but if the mood should hit sex is still on the "okay-to-do" list for you, with your doctor's approval. In an uncomplicated pregnancy, a mom-to-be can continue to have sex to the degree her changing body and the couple's creativity permits. Bleeding or contractions following intercourse may be serious signs of pre-term labor. If you have had problems with pre-term labor before, your doctor will most likely tell you to put a hold on your sex life until after your baby is born.

Your Baby

Your baby weighs approximately 2 pounds and measures about 9.6 inches from crown to rump. His or her facial features are almost fully developed and synchronizing enough that he or she may make faces that are visible on an ultrasound. Your babys skin is becoming thicker and fleshier and increasingly wrinkled, thanks to the amniotic fluid. The skin will remain wrinkled for the first month or so after birth just think about how your hands or feet look after you have been in the water for just 30 minutes! During this week, the brain continues its rapid growth, and the lungs continue to develop.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Star Is Born!

Congratulations to Ayue & Man! Yesterday, was the day which both of them just started their life as parents to Aisy Iman. Aisy was born on 30 March 2006; 9:27 am at DEMC. I went there just with Meen and Mel, as usual Jim ade shooting. Kena ler pegi ngan diorang. But I've planned to go with Jim once again tonight , hopefully.
To describe Aisy, he's only 2.5 kg but he's so cute & tiny.... just like his parents. I can't believe that Ayue has a baby now. To Ayue and Man..the journey just be patient...mesti tak cukup tidur hehe...Nanti turn aku plak... Ayue nampak happy smlm but still weak. Takpe tgk muke Aisy surenyer "heal the pain" kan! Tgk Ayue dah ade baby tak sabar plak rasenyer.....
Nurul & Nina (daughter) together with Monet was there waiting for us! Lama dah tak jumpe...wah wah Nurul wpun housewife...maintain jek...mesti org ingat die bawak adik die semalam. Nina dah besar cantik yek! He he tp Monet tetap kurus....makin kurus kot...